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Center for Cannabis Medicine

Through the Center for Cannabis Medicine by Franjo Grotenhermen, MD, you can quickly obtain reliable information on the subject of cannabis as medicine.

A sort of central authority on issues related to the medical use of cannabis.

The author of numerous publications on the subject of cannabis as medicine played a decisive role in bringing about the enactment of a law that enables seriously ill patients to undergo therapy with cannabis at health insurance expense.

The Narcotics Act was created to protect people from harm to their health caused by narcotics. It was not created to harm sick people through criminal law measures.

Probably no one else in Europe - if not in the world - has such a comprehensive knowledge of virtually all aspects of cannabis as medicine and, moreover, experience in treating numerous patients with all prescription cannabis-based medicines.

Cannabis as Medicine
What can the Center for Cannabis Medicine do for you?

Are you a doctor, pharmacist, patient, or journalist looking for reliable and compact information on the medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids?

You have already done a lot of research on the internet, maybe read articles or books and are often more confused than informed?

I have been dealing intensively with all questions concerning cannabis and its ingredients since 1993. The Center for Cannabis Medicine can help you to get reliable answers to your questions quickly and specifically.

In the beginning, the information offered is still small, but it is constantly being expanded.

Franjo Grotenhermen

The most important sources of information on cannabis as medicine

Through the following web pages and formats you can get the best possible information on the subject of cannabis as medicine.


The online newsletter of the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM) is published every 2 weeks. It reports on new studies with cannabis and cannabinoids as well as worldwide developments.

The IACM-Bulletin has been produced by Dr. Grotenhermen for the IACM since 2000 and can be subscribed to free of charge and searched by keywords, such as diseases.

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